Article: Inside the autistic experience


A look into the invisible part of the autistic experience.

Research paper: What I Wish You Knew: Insights on Burnout, Inertia, Meltdown, and Shutdown From Autistic Youth


Research paper I co-authored on autistic burnout, inertia, meltdowns and shutdowns. These concepts are important parts of the autistic experience and have been neglected by research. This study builds on early academic descriptions of these phenomena, and analyzes the perspectives of autistic adults.

Article: The road towards de-googlization


How and why I started using alternatives to Google products after reading the book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, by Shoshana Zuboff.

Articles: Making an interactive Slack app


A 3 part tutorial to create a fully interactive NodeJS Slack app with a slash command, buttons and more.

Presentation: What is autism


An overview of autism, its particularities and strengths.

Article: Finding out I'm autistic at 30 years old


My journey to a better understanding of myself and my uniqueness, challenges and strenghts.

Article: Rewrite History With Git Rebase Interactive And Reflog


How to rewrite your commit history safely with git rebase interactive and git reflog as a backup.

Article: Become a better developer by increasing your empathy


How to cultivate and use empathy and compassion in our everyday work and why it will make you a better developer.

Guide: Recruiting in tech


This guide to hiring more women in tech companies contains tips and advice from resume selection to interviewing without bias.

Tutorial: How to dockerize your Ruby on Rails development environment


This tutorial will show you how to use Docker to run your entire environment in containers, cutting setup time to a few minutes.

Article: What Sexist White Dudes are Doing to Tech


Based on the book Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech by Sara Wachter-Boettcher. Tech products we use everyday are coded by mostly white men who only know their own experience. This can turn into a nightmare for most users. The discrimination that keeps women and people of color from being hired in tech has very real consequences on the general population.

Article: I Almost Left Tech Today, Here’s Why


Account of my first toxic tech work environment and the resulting feeling of wanting to leave the whole industry.

Article: How I Went From Sociology to Coding in a Year


My journey from a Sociology masters and working in nonprofits to becoming a developer.

Article in French: Femmes poursuivies pour dénonciation calomnieuse pour avoir dénoncé des violences sexuelles : des sorcières modernes


A historical study of women who were accused of being witches in the 17th and 18th centuries who were actually victims of sexual violence. Analysis on the similarities between what these women faced and what women face today when their aggressor sues them for slanderous denunciation.

Thesis in French: Formation en informatique : Ouverture sociale et Sexisme


Thesis on social opening and sexism in a French computer science school.
Examines social mobility as well as the hostile culture women face in a French computer science school and the strategies they use to get through it.

Thesis in French: L'accès à une mobilité sociale dans les métiers de l’informatique: analyse de l’intersectionalité


Thesis on women in computer science.
Only 25% of women work in the tech sector, making it one of the least feminized sector in France. Dive into history to understand why women are pushed aside from these jobs and the gatekeeping that was created to keep them out.

Thesis: Working Women in 1940s Hollywood


Classical Hollywood films offer many interesting ideological conceptions of race, class, and gender. This thesis analyzes these ideologies in 1940s Hollywood movies as well as the lives of the women who worked in Hollywood (screenwriters, editors, costume designers, directors and actresses) through a feminist lens.