Autism resources

Printable: Lanyard card


A card you can wear around your neck in stressful situations like when you're at the airport, or when you're having a shutdown.

lanyard card

Printable: Wallet card


A wallet card you can print, fill and show if you find yourself in a situation where you require assistance (hospital, police, etc...).

Support group: Good Company Autism Group


Autistic women and non binary individuals support group I facilitate. Open to Toronto,Canada area residents.

Presentation: What is autism


An overview of autism, its particularities and strengths.

Article: Finding out I'm autistic at 30 years old


My journey to a better understanding of myself and my uniqueness, challenges and strenghts.

Example: Employer disclosure document


A document I made to disclose to my employer. It summarizes what autism is and explains what it means for me and my strenghts and difficulties. This document can be shared during or after the interview process, to the HR department, your team, or anyone you want to share it with.

Example: Manager disclosure


A document specifically aimed at managers to help them understand how you work and how to set you up for success.